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The July 2011 edition of the newsletter.

Here we are in summer, though here in Devon it's cloudy and fairly cool. Not that I'm complaining. After a couple of weeks in Ottawa and then New York, a bit of cool is very welcome. Hot, muggy Times Square just before July 4th is not my idea of comfortable!

My new home.
It's been a while since the last newsletter, which I put down mostly to our new house. We've paid people to do the renovations, but somehow there's always some decision to be made. Plus I'm racing to finish and polish A Scandalous Countess, which will be out next February, and there are a few other small commitments bleating at the edge of my mind. Where does the time go?

Blogging about homes.
I put a couple of pictures of our new house up on my Word Wenches blog, which was about homes in fiction, that being on my mind. You can read that and see the pics here.

There's also a chance to win a copy of Irresistible Forces, the SF Romance collection from a few years ago which contains my story, The Trouble With Heroes.... which is all about home.

Recent Reissues
Here's a quick run through my recent re-issues in case any are of interest to you. The Demon's Bride, a Georgian paranormal novella, came out as an e-book special in February.

And then The Demon's Mistress, a Regency novella in the Rogues' World, came out in June as an e-special.

Confusing? I'd say so, but these stories were written and published over a decade apart, so it's coincidental. They happened to be the two novellas I most wanted to be available to readers right now. If you don't have an e-reader, you can download them and read them on the computer.

Apologies for the very boring covers. Perhaps this pic of Van from one of the print publications will compensate.

I recently bought an e-reader. I got a Kindle because that's the best one for use over here in England. I do like it, but I'm not totally in love. I like being able to change the font size, but I don't get quite as lost in a book in that form. I assume that'll come in time.

One thing about the Kindle's smart paper is that I keep forgetting it needs light, just like paper. So I'm sitting there in a dim corner muttering about how hard it is to read. LOL! I think I need to get a little reading light for when I want to read on it and there's no good light available.

My Amazon book stores.
Most of my books are now available as e-books, and they're gradually being added to my Jo Beverley Amazon stores. Of course there are many other places to buy my books, but if you like to shop at Amazon, or have a Kindle, I'm hoping it's a convenience to have all my books in one place. The links are in the left hand column.

I'm also slowly adding things I enjoy, such as DVDs, and some of my favourite research books. It's fun, and it might interest you to see what's there already.

Other reissues.

All from the Rogues' World.
Forbidden came out in June. That's Francis and Serena's story.
The Dragon's Bride (Con, Susan, and smugglers) will be out in a couple of weeks.
An Unwilling Bride (Beth and Lucien, RITA winner) will be out again in September.
(Yes, I know. Too many brides! But again, writting many years apart.)
Not quite from the Rogues' World, but Regency historical --
Forbidden Magic (Meg, Sax, and Knox the misogynistic parrot) was reissued earlier in the year but is still available.

The web is full of interesting things, and getting fuller every day! But here are a few.

Dancing pendulums.

Beautiful interactive images of the night sky.

If you've wondered what the Regency characters are doing during a waltz,
this book might help.

Which leads to.... Mrs. Hurst Dancing.
This is a lovely book based on the drawings of a Regency lady about her family life and some of the images are here, including the one called Mrs. Hurst Dancing. These pictures are one of the best widows into everyday gentry life, and probably very like Jane Austen's life. See them here.



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