The March 2010 edition of the newsletter.

Hello everyone,

Spring's just around the corner, and I'm certainly grateful for that. It's been a pretty rough winter, looked at in English terms. Shame I'm not writing a winter book at the moment -- I'd have been right in the mood! I remember when I was writing Winter Fire, which mostly takes place in January in a very cold house, and our heating went out for a few days. An excellent reminder of what it would be like.

1. The books coming out around now.
2. Information about my upcoming signings -- Denver, Nashville, Blackpool.
3. Historical tid-bits and links to interesting places on the web.

1. The books coming out around now.
You can see all the covers on the left.

The UK reissues of the Malloren Books.
You'll remember that last year I was very busy with my UK tour for Lady Notorious (the UK title of My Lady Notorious.)
In March, the second Malloren book, Tempting Fortune, will be out over here. I'll only be doing one signing this time, in Blackpool, but if you're near there, check out the details down below.
Click on the titles above to go to more information about the books, including excerpts.

These UK editions are published by Everlyn Publishing and can be ordered direct from them, or from The Book Depository, which ships books anywhere in the world at no cost.

If you live outside North America and find it difficult to find my new books, The Book Depository probably has them.

The Classic Regencies.
My first books are now being republished by NAL, New York.
November 2009 Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed

February 2010 The Stanforth Secrets,set in the area where I was born, Morecambe Bay.
You might enjoy my Word Wenches blog about this book and location.
Both these books were finalists for the Golden Medalion, the precursor to the RITA. Of course, Emily and the Dark Angel, coming in October, won a RITA.

New Work.
January 2010, Chalice of Roses. also NAL, New York.
This collection of stories weaves around the Holy Grail. Or is it the pagan Graal? Whichever it is, the mystical chalice has powers to bring peace in the most troubled times, as long as humans are willing to serve its powers.
My story in this anthology is The Raven and the Rose, about a young nun in the 13th century who must find and marry a celibate knight. Click on the title for an excerpt.

And, of course, just around the corner in April is the new Malloren World book,
The Secret Duke.
You've met Thorn, Duke of Ithorne in A Lady's Secret, and The Secret Wedding. Now you have his story, the story of a young man who takes his powerful position very seriously, and applies himself to his work and his duty -- but who sometimes cuts free to be Captain Rose of the Black Swan. It's in his Captain Rose persona that he rescues a young woman from an inn in Dover, and years later it's that young woman who returns to turn his life upside down.
Click on the title above to read the first excerpt.
In the excerpt, I've included a portrait from the same period that I think has a lot of the Duke of Ithorne about it. I cut off his face because it's not quite right, which led to some lively debate on my chat list.
(To have your say, you can join by sending an e-mail to One of the members has started a group read of the Rogues, starting with An Arranged Marriage.)
The full portrait is

I became intrigued by the concept of the black swan, and I've put up a page about it here.

2. Information about my upcoming signings -- Denver, Nashville, Blackpool.

Now I'm back living in England I won't be doing many appearances in North America, but I have two scheduled, both big ones.
In July, 9th to 11th, I'll be at Rom Con in Denver.
This is a new conference for romance readers with plenty of activities. I'll be part of a group of historical authors who'll be hosting a special tea. You can find more details by clicking on the link above. I hope to see some of you there.

July 27th to 31st, I'll be at the Romance Writers of America conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
I've never been to Nashville, so I'm particularly looking forward to that. As always, there'll be the big signing for literacy on the Wednesday afternoon. Hundred of authors, thousands of books, raffles for gift baskets, lots of fun. There's no entrance fee, but it does get very crowded, and the line ups at the check-outs can be long, so come prepared.

You can find out more about the signing event here.

March 19th, Blackpool.
If you are one of my UK readers, I will be signing copies of Tempting Fortune and Lady Notorious at the Morrison's store in Blackpool from 11am to 1pm. We had lots of fun last time and sold out, so I hope to see some of you again.

3. Historical tid-bits and links to interesting places on the web.

I've continued to post bits of history I come across in researching to my Minepast blog.

Causes of death.
I came across the causes of death from inquests delivered at York Lent Assizes (Aug 1755-Mar 1756) These are deaths that triggered an inquest, so not all deaths, but they seem to be mostly industrial accidents and drowning, and also mostly men. Statistics do suggest that the deaths of women in childbirth were balanced out by men's deaths in violence and "industrial accidents," and both sexes died equally from illness and infection. Click here to read this blog entry.

Eyeliner as eye-protector?
That heavy eyeliner we see in Egyptian pictures might well have been to protect the eyes., as this article explains. Click here to read this blog entry.

In my general blog, Jo Talk, I posted a list of 100 year-olds in 1881
Just in case you thought true life expectancy was 35 or so.

London Pleasure Gardens
The Story of London Web Site is full of fascinating material. This page is about pleasure gardens. You've heard of Vauxhall (which was originally Fox Hall) and Ranelagh, but what about Cuper's? Click here to read this blog entry.

I hope you've enjoyed this newsletter.

All best wishes,


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