No, this gentleman is not at particularly like Rothgar, but he is an English aristocrat of the period.
The Marquess of Rothgar appears in the Georgian historical romance novels by bestselling author,
Jo Beverley.

Rothgar became head of his family at the age of nineteen upon the deaths of his father and stepmother, for which he feels responsible. This, plus the shocking murder of his baby sister by his mother when he was young, have made him exceptionally protective of his half brothers and sisters. This has caused them problems, but also brought them help, during their adventures in the following novels:

MY LADY NOTORIOUS,1993 (to be reissued in July, 2002)
TEMPTING FORTUNE,1995(to be reissued in December, 2002)
SOMETHING WICKED,1997 available from the publisher, NAL)
SECRETS OF THE NIGHT,1999(available from the publisher, NAL)
Rothgar's own surrender to love is told in DEVILISH, April 2000 NAL

Devilish won a RITA award from Romance Writers of America as Best Long Historical Romance of 2000.

There's more!
The Marquess of Ashart is Rothgar's cousin, and also an enemy. Imagine the strain when he turns up for Christmas.
WINTER FIRE, November 2003
There will be a new, reduced-price edition for Christmas 2007

In Winter Fire, Ashart jilts an heiress, who then becomes entangled with

A LADY'S SECRET, April 2008

Fun loving Robin, Earl of Huntersdown can't resist a cursing Italian nun, so he offers to help her get to London. From then on, his life is complete chaos, but whether she be Sister Immaculata, Lady Petra d'Avernio, or someone else entirely, he can't let her slip out of his life.


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