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The August 2007 edition of the newsletter.

A picture of my Cabbage Patch Kids admiring the Venus fly traps.

It's been a while, but it's been busy, busy, busy around here. No sooner had Lady Beware come out than I was preparing for the Romance Writers of American conference in Dallas, and just as I was resurfacing from that, I got a nasty 'flu, the sort that makes thinking a challenge.

All's well now, however, and we even seem to have summer here in the Pacific North West. Scarlet runner beans are rampaging, enjoyed by hummingbirds, and other crops are forming jungles.I've feasted on strawberries and raspberries, and now the blackberries are beginning. I firmly believe that nature intended us to store up their goodness for the winter -- both in our cells and in our freezers.

I've created a blog (yes, another one!) mainly for things like photographs I want to share and links that seem interesting. I also to copy some posts there that I write elsewhere. This is a new way of looking at the world for me. I hate to feel repetitious, but it was pointed out that expecting everyone to go to one place for things wasn't kind, and that providing the same thing in a number of places is more convenient for others. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, you can see my gardening pictures here The Jo Talk blog. Scroll down a bit and you can see me whooping it up at the Harlequin party in Dallas.

Yes, I know most of you think I should be writing, writing, writing rather than playing in the dirt, but a balanced life creates a healthy imagination, or so I like to think -- all the reclusive, alcoholic, and downright weird geniuses notwithstanding. I get some of my best ideas when weeding.

This is a newsletter, so there should be news and there is. I appear to have forgotten to tell everyone that two of my trad regencies will be reissued next year. Yes, at last! This only came together in late spring, and as I said above, I've been busy, busy. My publisher, NAL, is putting two together in an elegant trade paperback edition with the title, LOVERS AND LADIES. The cover is up there on the left. We're hoping this format and look will attract the Jane Austen fans who won't go near the romance section and don't know what they're missing. If it works, there'll be more reissues like this, not just of my books but of many of those old trad treasures. So please do everything you can to spread the word and boost this. I'll remind you closer to the pub date next April.

I'm busily working away on next year's book, A Lady's Secret. This is Georgian, so it's in the Malloren world, but these are new characters so the Mallorens will only play a small part later in the book. But there probably will be news about their lives, including babies. A friend tagged this one "the nun on the run and the rake on the make" and that pretty well sums it up, along with murderous French peasants and dastardly Italians in pursuit.

This will probably be old news by the time you read this on the web, but on Friday, August 10th at 10:30 am in the Canada time zones, I'm going to be on national radio. National Canadian radio -- ie CBC. If you don't get CBC, you can listen on line at Sounds Like Canada.

This came about because a children's writer was on implying that children's writers and poets were bottom of the literary heap. I had to point out that there were some literary forms a bit lower when it came to recognition.

Kevin Sylvester is a great interviewer and I think he helped me to sound intelligent, and we tried to keep it fun and positive. (You can visit Kevin's fun web site here. I even got to read a bit of To Rescue A Rogue. He thought it was racy. Trust me, it wasn't (it was a short piece from near the beginning when Dare's just seen Mara safely home and he's disturbed by his sexual reactions to his friend's sister, especially as he hasn't felt like that about any woman since his injuries at Waterloo and his addiction to opium.) So his hair might rise a bit when he gets to the racier bits of Lady Beware , which he's reading.

Anyway, listen if you can, and they love listener feedback. I bet readers have lots of interesting stuff to say about the way romance novels and readers are regarded and the more feedback they get, the more they'll know that romance novels really are important to a lot of people.

I'm also going to be on local radio next Tuesday, 14th, at 11:30 talking about Jane Austen. Again, I think through the wonders of the internet you can listen from anywhere. Click here for station..

I also have a Space -- ie on My Space -- as an experiment, but I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that doesn't soak up much of my time. If you Space, too, take a look at my My Space page.

I blogged recently at Wordwenches on gothic novels because I have a foreword to the 200th anniversay edition of The Demon of Sicily. If you want to add to your Jo Beverley collection, you can buy it here.

Another recent one was titled "Eighteenth century cross-dressing athlete becomes Anime star!" Can you guess who? You know him. Click here to read that blog.

I know it's horribly hot in many parts of North America and Britain's having a lot of rain, but I wish you a very enjoyable summer.

All best wishes,


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