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The April 2008 edition of the newsletter.


Yes, that's me on the left, goofing off with Photoshop and pretending to be Madame de Pompadour seen above, who alas died in 1764 before the action in A Lady's Secret.

New books are out! And this time, thereīs not one, but two books arriving on the shelves. I donīt think thatīs ever happened to me before. It is a bit tricky for me. I have to admit that most of my proud-parent energy is directed at the new book, A Ladyīs Secret, but I donīt want to neglect Lovers and Ladies, which contains two of my older stories.

So, please, donīt neglect either. Republishing The Fortune Hunter and Deirdre and Don Juan in a lovely trade paperback edition is a bit of a gamble and only if it pays off will there be more like it.

You might want to check out some of my posts on the Word Wenches blog, which have shared a little about the writing of A Ladyīs Secret. Gifts of the Muse, and Need To Know.

If you enjoy the books, please talk to others about them. I want everyone who will like my novels to find them. Thanks!

So whatīs new? The big news is that we have a title for the next book, which will follow on from A Ladyīs Secret. It will be The Secret Wedding, which is a great title in my opinion. I would think that, though, because I came up with it, more or less by accident. That book wonīt be out until next year, however, and Iīm not going to say much about it yet.

Now for some tidbits from the web. The hero of A Ladyīs Secret is Robin Fitzvitry, Earl of Huntersdown. He was Earl of Huntingdon, which is a county, but when I found out that Huntersdown was the ancient name of Huntingdon, I decided I liked that better. We donīt visit Huntingdonshire in the novel, but this web page has some interesting information about it.

We do visit Folkestone, so you might like to read this article and look at some pictures. Itīs much changed, of course. To begin with, it now includes the English entry to the Channel Tunnel. About Folkestone.

This is an interesting costume page with details of 18th century clothing relevant to the book.

I do hope you enjoy my new offerings. Happy April, and happy reading,


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