A young British officer in the early 19th century.
No, not a character in one of my books, I don't think, but we should always remember that it's the very young who do most of the fighting in our wars.

This picture appears to go with the above. As there's no family resemblance, I assume they are lovers or spouses. I hope they had a long, happy life.

The March 2005 edition of the newsletter.

First the good news -- I have just sent off the manuscript of the next book. Now the bad -- it won't be on the shelves until next spring. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but that's the way the business works. It generally takes about a year to steer a book through publication and as I've warned you, I've moved to a one book a year schedule. It is a more comfortable schedule for me, but also I hope it will leave some time for more experimental projects.

For example, more projects like the dragon story I'll be working on soon. I've already started it, but I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Yes, a real dragon, and a real sacrificial maiden in a sort of fairy tale kingdom. This will be in a collection with my author friends who worked with me on Faery Magic. I also have some other weird-stuff stories buzzing in my head.

The book I've just finished is a Rogues book featuring Simon St. Bride, whom I discovered in Canada fighting for justice for the Indians who had been Britain's allies during the War of 1812-3. I'm afraid that's a bit of a lost cause, but it puts him in personal danger and tosses him into an unwanted marriage. The tentative title is RETURN OF THE ROGUE.

As you probably realize the Rogues are nearly all settled now. The only ones left are Hal and Dare. They both make appearances in ROTR but I'm not quite sure how things are going to go for either of them. They will have their stories, however, and their happy endings.

I am also working towards another medieval, this time in a later time period, the thirteenth century. I want to play in the time of complex castles and knights in shining armor. So I'll be busy, and I hope you'll see the results in due course.

In the meantime, FORBIDDEN MAGICwill be reissued in August, and THE SHATTERED ROSE in October. The new cover for Forbidden Magic is up there.

And I've just learned that there'll be a special reissue of six of my books at a special price of $4.99 early next year. This is an exciting opportunity to reach new readers, and a chance for my long time readers to fill gaps in their collection. I'm not sure what the titles will be yet, but I'll let you know.

I'm afraid there's still no movement on getting the old traditional regencies back into print, but we're working on it.

Travel. I will be in Calgary on April 16th and Lincoln, Nebraska on May, 14th, at a library run conference. Details on both and future ones are on my web site. here

My treats for the month? I've been exercising my hand-eye coordination on Bounce Out from yahoo games. Current high score, 120,000 Click here to try it.

ROTR begins in Canada, as you'll have gathered -- in York, which is now Toronto. Simon and Jancy stop very briefly in Montreal on the way home. This contemporary view of the city would have been wonderful if they'd stopped there longer, but as it was, I had to restrain myself.

I had a hard time finding sufficient information about passenger transportation on ships in 1816, but this site about naval vessels was fascinating. Visit here.



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