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The November 2007 edition of the newsletter.

Some glorious sea and sky from the Pacific Sands Resort, Cox Bay, near Tofino.

After sending the August newsletter, I tumbled into a very hectic period and couldn't find time to write a newsletter, which is something I always do myself, but I assume you'll forgive me because most of my effort was in finishing A Lady's Secret, the next book. What's more, it'll be out earlier than expected, in April next year. That'll be here before we've had time to blink. You can see the gorgeous cover on the left. They got the gown almost right! And what you can see of Robin is good, too, with the brocade coat and the flowing lace at his wrists. Ah, those Georgian men.

There's also a little tid-bit online, the very beginning of the book. Click on the cover here and it will take you there. There'll be more about the book later.

This means, of course, that A Lady's Secret will be out at the same time as Lovers and Ladies , the trade paperback containing two of my way out of print traditional regencies, The Fortune Hunter and Deirdre and Don Juan. I'm going over the page proofs for them now and it's lovely to revisit those characters.

If you haven't read Winter Fire, it will be out again any day in a special $4.99 edition, mostly at Walmart, I think. That book has been reissued a lot, so you have probably read it, but we hope it will attract new readers all ready for a new Malloren book.

What am I working on now? I'm mostly recovering from finishing A Lady's Secret and catching up on life, but I am working on a spin-off book, but it's too soon to say much about that now, but if you want to know what I've been researching -- the Horse Guards, Hardwicke's Marriage Act, and steel making in Sheffield! Yes, I do get around.

Me against the sunset at Cox Bay.

I have a few news items for you. The first is that on Monday, 26th November and then for a little while, you'll be able to see an interview with me on line on Romance Novel TV. I'm as squeamish as the rest of you about seeing myself on TV, so I have my fingers crossed that it's okay. Click here to see it.

If youíre in the Victoria BC area on December 8th, Iíll be signing with a group of friends at the Chapters bookstore downtown on Douglas Street from 1-3pm. I wonít have anything new to offer, of course, but a signed book makes a great gift. You can find out more HERE.

Next, I came across a song that I absolutely love, and I think it fits my books so well. It's by an artist up here in British Columbia, but I don't know him. I heard it on the radio and was delighted by it. It's called The Old Fashioned Way. "I want to do it the old fashioned way, with chivalry and grace..."

You can listen by going to my My Space page. (You don't have to belong to My Space.) It starts with a bit of chatter, but it gets going. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can find out more about it on James Kasper's spot there.

Everything comes at once! I'll also be blogging on Monday at Word Wenches so drop in and see what I have to say. At the moment, I don't know what it'll be. If you haven't visited this group blog yet, I think you'd find much to interest you.

Starting on December 3rd, the seven Wenches will be blogging about Christmas in life and fiction and anyone who posts a comment will be in a draw for a book. Come, be a Wench!

I'll point you also to my Minepast blog, where I drop bits of research I stumble across. A little while ago I posted a bit about coaches and the diligence, the French public coach. Someone else sent some extra information. Below, you'll find some strange stuff on marriages and the cover for A Lady's Secret again. Minepast.

And just for fun, watch this video about spiders. Don't be fooled by the placid beginning! Click here.

Have fun, and don't let the Christmas season drive you crazy,

All best wishes,


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