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The Autumn 2006 edition of the newsletter.

Three gorgeous sets of game pieces and counters from the Lady Lever Gallery, Port Sunlight.

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Hello, everyone.

I will designate this the fall newsletter and warn you all now that there might not be another until Christmas. I have a busy stretch ahead. It's not that there's anything unusual coming up. It's that it's been a fragmented year with more travel than usual and two books out and I need the next few months for deep immersion into LADY BEWARE. (Due out the door in January. Due out to you in June.) The other reason not to send a newsletter is that there are no new or even reissued books scheduled in the next little while, so I don't have that information to offer. Of course if anything changes or something new and exciting develops you'll be among the first to hear about it.

Thank you to all for buying To Rescue A Rogue, spreading the word etc. It's done extremely well and even made #12 on the Publisher's Weekly bestseller list -- the first time I've appeared on that one. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as those of you who've written to me. Some think it's the best of all the Rogues books. Of course I'm not playing favorites, but that's great to hear.

Do please continue to let others know about my books. Publishing is in difficulty these days for many reasons, so all authors need the support of the readers who enjoy their books. What are the problems? There are huge number of books coming out across the board, and also a concentration of companies at all levels -- publishing, distribution, and bookselling.

Many small bookstores have disappeared to be replaced by superstores. They are wonderful, but it's easy for a reader to get lost in them, and many don't have staff who are experts on romance fiction or have time to steer readers toward the right books. Many readers aren't on line or linked into any information, so they can't find the books they want to read.

This means that word of mouth is becoming crucial, both on line and locally, and it's what's making some of the new stars.

Take Naomi Novik, for example, whose HIS MAJESTY'S DRAGON has just been picked up for a movie by Peter Jackson. (I see she has some short stories up on. her web site Yes, Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson. I can't wait to see that movie because I've enjoyed the books so much. Dragon air forces in the Napoleonic Wars. But I chose to read them because of some personal recommendations -- one from Anne McCaffrey.

Yes, a bit of name dropping there because Anne has given a lovely quote for the upcoming anthology DRAGON LOVERS. The "faery four" -- the authors who brought you FAERY MAGIC, are now into dragons, and you're going to love these very different stories. We have the beginnings of a web site. Dragon Lovers .

The book will be out in March and it will be a trade paperback -- the larger size.

The next book from me, as above, will be LADY BEWARE, out in June. Speaking of which, I'd better get back to finishing it, hadn't I?

However, one other point, which you may want to pass on. When it comes to reissues, publishers do look at backorders -- that is, whether any orders have come in. Therefore if you want books to be reissued, do order them through a local bookstore. It might have an effect. Most of my books are available at the moment (except the early Regencies, of course) but Christmas Angel isn't. I've heard a lot about that because TRAR gained the Rogues some new readers who now want to read them all. I contacted my editor and she's going to do what she can, but lots of orders speaks louder than me. :)

Do check out the Word Wenches blog.

You may be particularly interested in my career as seen by my muse.*g* The Muse Speaks.

Now for some other treats on the web. Alas, I don't keep track of what I share so some may be repeats, but there are a lot of new people here. There are many other interesting pages here. All about the flintlock pistol.

For more information about places in Regency London mentioned in books. click here Consider, for example, all the rules about hackney carriages, the taxis of the time.

On the same site, there's an 1819 map of London and area, which shows how small it was in comparison to its size today, and how Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens were very much on the outer edge. View the map.

It's always worth checking the on-line exhibits from the British Library. The Literary Landscapes ones up now are fascinating, though the scrolling is a little strange. Literary Landscapes.



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