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The Cabbage Patch Kids guarding the presents.

The Christmas 2007 edition of the newsletter.

Happy Christmas! I hope that however you celebrate this season, it is a time of joy for you.

There's no new news to share, but I have gifts. To recap the news, the next book, A Lady's' Secret, will be out in April. My reissued trad regencies, The Fortune Hunter and Deirdre and Don Juan will be available at the same time in Lovers and Ladies.

People are always asking me, "So, are you working one another book?" The answer is always, "Yes." I think it's simply the way we writers are. At the moment it's a spin off of A Lady's Secret, but I don't want to say too much as yet because it's at that delicate, unfurling stage.

Even if you missed it when it was new, you can still watch the interview on Romance Novel TV. They did a great job. Click here to see it. There will be a second section coming soon.

Now, my Christmas gifts for my readers.

First I'll remind you of the lovely song, The Old Fashioned Way. Seems to me it's in the spirit of Christmas. It comes up on my My Space page. or you can go to James Kasper's spot there. and click on it on his list of music.

You can read myWenchly Christmas blog here. Genealogy and mincemeat. Remember, if you want to keep up to date with the blog you can go to Feedblitz and get blog posts sent to your e-mail.

There are some new posts on Jo Talk. Admire my nasturtiums. Visit libraries. I'll also be running a post over Christmas where you can comment on the prologue to Lady Beware.

"The what?" you say. Well, quite, there wasn't one, but I did write one. You can read it by clicking here. As you'll see, I'd like to hear whether I was correct not to use it.

The other fiction gift is a strange one. As a teenager I wrote a historical romance. No, it's not been published and never will. When you read a bit, you'll know why! But for your amusement I've put up a little from the beginning. Go here to read it. There are even pictures of the battered artifact.

Last, but definitely not least, I found this great site about miniatures. It's a blog, actually, which is a great way to show all these images and it's wonderfully enriched by the collector's comments about the sitters. I find portrait miniatures reveal people of the past in a very intimate way. Mind you, some of the images are a little odd, and I have to wonder what the sitters thought of them! This one, for example.The number who are unidentified should be a reminder to all of us to write the details on the backs of photographs, or incorporate such things into the file names of digital photographs.

If you enjoy the pictures, send a message to the man who created the blog. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. You can also comment on Jo Talk if you have particular thoughts on any of these images.

All joy of the season,


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