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To be published in September.

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The June/July 2006 edition of the newsletter.

(Another picture from my trip to England. This time from the wonderful The Lady Lever Gallery. Port Sunlight, England. This is a table with an Italian parquetry top on an English gilt wood base. 1820-1830. This sort of table has many quartz specimens in the surface and would have had a chart with which to identify each)

Hi everyone.

It's summer, and my raspberry plants are being generous.

I've put in raspberries everywhere we've lived, so I don't know why it's taken me ten years to do it here. They're so easy to grow, and raspberries are so expensive to buy because they're delicate. They have hardly any shelf life. Why am I talking fruit? Largely because it makes me happy, but there is a writerly connection. It was while picking raspberries that I had the idea for my short SF story, THE FRUIT PICKER. That's not easy to obtain, but you may come across it somewhere. . Check out the novellas for details.

I'm continuing with the new book, which has now been moved closer -- to June 2007 from September. At least my deadline hasn't changed! This is another Rogues World book, so the Rogues aren't over, for sure. This is about Dare's sister, Lady Theodosia and a certain Lord Darien. Darien/Darius, a problem, but he insisted, so the only thing to do was make an issue of it. Darien, then simply Horatio Cave, was at Harrow at the same times as the Rogues, but a year younger. Thus far in this world the Rogues have always been the good guys, but what if to some outsiders they were a pain in the you know what? It's all spinning off from there.

July sees the reissue of , LORD OF MIDNIGHT one of my medievals. I know some of you don't like medievals, but I wish I could persuade you. For warrior males and strong females, nothing can beat it. This book received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and they're pretty rare, especially for romance.
"...bestselling author, Jo Beverley, weaves a stunning medieval romance of love and redemption."
Great new cover, too.

I hope everyone in the Atlanta region is planning to attend the Romance Writers of America huge booksale and signing in aid of literacy. It's Wednesday evening, July 26th, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Admission is free, but bring plenty of money to buy books! I may not get another newsletter out before then, so mark your calendars.

Don't forget the blog at Word Wenches If you sign up for our occasional newsletter there you'll be entered into free draws for books.

Best wishes for summer fun and a wonderful holiday weekend in North America.


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