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The May-June 2007 edition of the newsletter.

Hello everyone,

It's book newsletter time. In other words, my new historical romance, Lady Beware, is appearing on shelves.

The official publication date is June 5th, but I've heard of Lady Beware turning up in some bookstores. As always, I hope that if you plan to buy, you'll buy in the next couple of weeks because it really will help Lady Beware to appear high on the bestseller lists, which makes my publisher happy, which means they'll keep putting out my books for my readers to enjoy.

There are now three excerpts up on my web page, so if you missed some or all and like to try before you buy, click here. There's a link at the bottom of each to the next.

I know that people reading this newsletter are probably not waiting to read reviews to decide whether to buy Lady Beware, but they're all positive so far. Romantic Times said: "This new novel is delightful, vintage Beverley, who continues her Rogue series with a fast-paced, unforgettable, wickedly sensual romance. With her talent for intelligent plotting, finely tuned dialogue and heartwarming emotions, she brings readers a tale of bravery, honor, trust and the magic of love."

The Best Reviews describes it as "Jo Beverly at her Regency romantic suspense best."

All About Romance liked it but surprised me by describing it as a light read. I do hope my books slip down easily, but I wouldn't exactly call Darien's background light, or some of the events in the book. So you are warned.

On other matters, you may want to catch up with a recent anniversary special at the Word Wenches blog about nakedness. Yes, nakedness in history and fiction. Illustrated. Our most popular week yet. I wonder why.*G*

You can find the first post by clicking here.

For internet treats, I offer these.

I think I directed you once before to the British Library's rotating books on line, but now they have a nifty page-turning feature that fascinates me all on its own. Click here for a sketchbook from the late 18th century.

The exhibition on Durham is also interesting. It's a fascinating place to visit if you're ever in the north of England.

Or you can view King George III's print collection.

I've always loved pop-up books, and so did my children. There's a site about them here with many early examples.

Finally, some images of hussar officers, because Darien was one.
This one is decidedly weird.
This one is more dashing, but Victorian.
This one I like. He looks young and dashing, posing in all his glory, saber on shoulder.



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