Queen Charlotte and her two youngest children. She's the one in the Malloren books, and the standing child is the future Prince Regent. In those days both boys and girls wore dresses.

The May 2005 edition of the newsletter.

I've followed the crowd.. I've started a blog. I know, I know, I resisted, but as I say on the blog site, I keep finding strange nuggets of information as I research and I don't know what to do with them. Often they're not even of any use in my work, but they're startling, or fun, or just plain weird. Seems a shame to waste them. So I've created Minepast, a no-chat place to put them for anyone wandering by who shares my magpie tastes.

You can read it here.

I'm trying to put up something every day at the moment using older stuff, some of which I may have shared here in the past. In the usual way of things, as soon as I started this the urge to write overtook the urge to research.

Write what? Good question! I was writing the medieval, but then it refused to be a tame little book and demanded intensive research, so I switched to the next idea in line -- Dare's book. The opening presented itself and it's lots of fun. The trouble is that I'm truly flying into the mist on this one -- into the fog, even. I have hardly any clue what's going to happen. And then there's the dragon story I've mentioned before. I thought I should take a look at what I've done on that. Ah well, I've often said that I'm happiest with three things on the go.

I just received some good news. A MOST UNSUITABLE MAN has been nominated for the new Quill Award. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what this is, and I'm not getting too excited -- or too nervous LOL! -- yet. There are 121 nominees in the romance category. Still, it's very nice to be in that group when there are over 2000 romances published in any year. Quill site.

Looking ahead, I'll be Reno in July, Halifax, NS in September, and at the Surrey conference just outside of Vancouver in October. By then I should have discovered what book will be coming next.

And now for something completely different. This art has absolutely nothing to do with my writing -- except, I suppose, that strange story somewhere about a crystal-based technology -- but I think it's cool art. Click here to view.



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