This period portrait looks a little like Simon, though he's not so soulful.
It's by Ingres, my favorite period portrait painter, and of a fellow artist, Francois Marius Granet.

The April 2005 edition of the newsletter.

First, some excellent news. The Trouble With Heroes, my story in the collection IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, was chosen as the best short romantic SF for the Sapphire Award. See the other winners here.

This collection will be out in mass market paperback next year.

In my new relaxed schedule, this is a bit of down time, though I have been doing a lot of research for the medieval romance I hope will come next. In the interesting way these things work, I discovered that I seem to have been collecting books on the 13th century for years. I'm looking at 1275 at the beginning of the reign of Edward I. I note that I've used the beginning of the reign of George III for the Malloren books, and I think it's because the early years of a reign are generally optimistic and even full of ideals. The problems come later.

Coming up in July is the Romance Writers of America annual conference, this time in Reno, Nevada. This is definitely worth making an effort to get to for the huge literary booksale and signing on July 27th. Hundreds of romance authors will be signing books, and all proceeds go to charity. There's no fee to attend the signing.

Anyone like playing with paper dolls? There are some interesting ones here, including clothing that fits with my books. Click to visit.

I think I prefer the Dover Books ones

And if you're thinking of dressing the part, check here.

All best wishes,


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