Isn't she so delightfully snooty? I think she's Mrs. Hartleigh-Brown, whom you'll meet in Simon's book.

The February 2005 edition.

I hope you've all found A Most Unsuitable Man and enjoyed it. It's received rave reviews, which is delightful. Booklist described it as "sublime." Any author has to develop a tough skin about reviews, but that doesn't mean we don't revel in the good ones.

If you want to talk about the book, you can do so on my chat list at yahoo. You can join by e-mailing here Or there are various romance reader lists around the web.

I'm still hard at work on Simon's story, which has involved research on Canada, where it starts out, duels, and travel on board a sailing ship. I discovered this interesting and charming journal of a voyage from France to America. His text starts here. here

For some strange tid-bits of Regency life, check here.

My next bit of travel will be to Calgary on April 16th. I'll be in Lincoln, Nebraska on May, 14th, at a library run conference. Details on both are here.

All best wishes, and I hope that for some of you, at least, spring is coming as beautifully as it is here in British Columbia.


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